Sapphires 2021 - 2022

Mr Foster

Welcome to Mr Foster's class page.

My main role at The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School is to teach the curriculum across the school for Physical Education, Wellbeing and Maths for Years 1 and 4. 

Maths for Year 1s and Year 4s

Maths for Years 1 and 4 will take place each day and predominantly follow the Power Maths scheme of work. As well as this, the children will access lessons that use equipment and help them to develop their own mastery of number and practical fluency. This means that they will be able to improve their reasoning and problem solving skills.

Addition and Subtraction.png Power Maths.png

In Year 4, the children will also complete the National Multiplication Check. Take a look at the Multiplication Check file below to find out more...


Maths Homework

Children will be presented with homework each week to complete. This will often be MyMaths homework to be completed online and will relate to the units taught in class. Children have their own login details and teachers can track their work as it is finished. Please complete your homework in the time set to receive Class Dojo rewards and to keep up with your learning. 

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PE and Wellbeing

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Each week, each class will participate in lessons focused mainly on our own wellbeing and mental health. The children will learn about different types of wellbeing including mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical and how to recognise any positive or negative effects on each aspect. 

We will also learn how to develop our own approaches to learning and how we can improve our ability to concentrate, self improve, co-operate and enhance our curiosity and resilence. The children will be taught about a growth mindset and how we think about learning can develop us as a pupil within our school.

"A peaceful mind leads to a healthy body.." Proverbs 14:30

As Holy Spirit Catholic School continues to develop and improve it's approach to PE, the children will have consistent PE lessons each week and follow an improved curriculum. The PE scheme is built around the threshold concept and strengthening it with knowledge. These areas of knowledge include movement, tactics and strategy, personal and social, vocabulary, healthy lifestyle and leadership, which together develop the pupil's practical skills and allow them to participate in fun, comprehensive lessons.




If you have any problems, remember to get in touch via class dojo or arrange to see me at school.

I hope you all have a great school year!

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