Sapphire - Miss Murphy

Happy New Year! As you are all well aware, schools are now closed! We have been working hard today to come up with the best way we can to support you while learning from home. We are hoping that this time work is slightly more structured and straight forward.

We have created timetables for you to follow. Each day there will be four sessions with new learning and activities each session. A Powerpoint to go along with the timetable will be uploaded each week (both on class dojo and on the new remote learning area of our school website). This will contain ALL the information and new learning for that week, in one place. Each session is clear to see and links to work in CGP, Power Maths and new journals are highlighted.


Packs containing these books will be delivered to your house tomorrow by a member of staff. These packs will also contain a copy of all log ins (so don’t worry if you have misplaced them before).


Please stick to the timetable as best you can. It is imperative that children continue with structure and new learning. This will ensure that no further gaps in learning are created and their hard work from the autumn term continues to help them progress.




Children are encouraged to evidence their hard work and learning on class dojo – we will give out dojo points and virtual certificates will be awarded at the end of each week!


As always if you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact myself on class dojo. I will do my best to support you or help in any way that I can.

Files to Download