Little Diamonds 2021 - 2022

Mrs Crabbe

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'Together, in the spirit of love and forgiveness, our family learns to grow with hope and joy'

Welcome to Little Diamonds 2021-2022

Reception & Year 1

with Mrs Crabbe, Miss Hull and Mrs Barry

A very warm welcome to The Holy Spirit family to you all. It has been a pleasure to see how enthusiastic children have been to start school and how smart they all look in their new uniforms. As always, we are looking forward to developing a mutually supportive relationship between teachers and families and through our mission statement, we are committed to nurturing those in every area of our school life.


On Wednesday, children are expected to come to school wearing their PE kit, which is: a white t-shirt with the school logo, royal blue shorts and black pumps/trainers. All children are to wear school jogging trousers and sweatshirts (royal blue or navy blue) over their PE kit on PE days, especially as the weather gets colder.


Children will be given homework on Friday, which is to be returned to school by the following Thursday. Please support your child with his/her homework, as for children to make good progress, learning must be applied and consolidated through school work at home, as well as in school.


Children are expected to read at home every day/night for at least 10-15 min. Initially, children will be given picture books and as they are introduced to the Phonics letters and sounds, they will take books with text and pictures. Please be patient with your child, as they learn to decode words and read sentences. Offer warm encouragement and model the correct enunciation of sounds, which could be found here: Children must keep their books in their book bags at all times. Their reading journals will be checked daily and if they have read the book (please write a comment in their journal), we will change it and reward your child with Dojo points. To help develop children's comprehension skills, please discuss with them the plot, the characters, the setting or the information in non-fiction books. Also, use your child's log in details to access our extensive online library on Active Learn and Oxford Reading Buddy

Class Dojo

We use as a reward system in class, where photos of our learning will be uploaded onto our cass timeline and important information and changes will be posted here. Please ensure that you activate your account and link it to your child.


We also use the Tapestry Online Journal to update you on your child's learning experiences, milestones and to inform you of any areas for development. Please ensure you have provided us with an up to date e-mail address and that you have returned the consent form.

Remote Learning Timetable

In the event that your child needs to isolate, please complete the Home-learning packs for Week 1 and Week 2 and be in-touch if you have any questions.


In order to provide your child with milk and a choice of healthy snack every morning (toast, cereal, cheese and crackers, bread sticks etc.), we ask for a contribution of £1 per week, or paid in advance at the beginning of every half-term. You can put the money in an envelope with your child’s name on. In the afternoon, children will also receive a free piece of fruit.




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