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At The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School we follow the National Curriculum to deliver Music, we believe that music promotes possitive attitudes and contributes to our children's emotional, physical and mental well-being therefore, aim to ensure that all our children develop an appreciation and a love for music.

Our Music curriculum will engage and inspire pupils, developing their love for and interest in music. It will develop their skills and confidence in playing musical instruments as well as nurturing their critical engagement, eventually being able to appraise and compose pieces of music. They will develop their musical ability by:

  • Learning to sing to create and compose
  • Have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.
  • Understand specific vocabulary, pitch, duration dynamic tempo timbre texture structure and notation. This will enable pupils to understand how music is created.
  • Our pupils will develop their understanding and appreciation of a wide range of music of different genres from across a variety of historical periods styles and traditions and recognise how music can be beneficial to their own wellbeing. 


The music curriculum ensures that all children sing ,listen, play, improvise, compose and perform. At The Holy Spirit we also use the award winning scheme Charanga to accompany our delivery of the National curriculum, this allows our pupils to develop and build their knowledge and skills through a progressive program. Pupils develop their musical ability through a systematic approach in the classroom so that they understand how music is played and interpreted. 

Through Charanga, we are able to produce inclusive lessons for all children. Pupils also experience activities that embed the elements of music through various concerts and specialist singing and music tuition. Key stage 2 children have weekly guitar lessons and perform alongside their peers and to an audience.  Accent Music Hub make available a range of musical activities that children can access during their time at school. Classroom practice ensures that children  learn important vocabulary so they can discuss and understand the language of music when evaluating their work. They learn how to appraise music  from different historical eras including learning about composers. Pupils know how music has changed over time.  


Using Charanga, staff led activities and specialist muscians enables our pupils to progress in their knowledge and skills to understand the importance of music but most of all, enjoy their musical experiences. Staff use lesson observations and pupil voice to assess achievemnent and evidence this through recordings and photographs of their work. Pupils at The Holy Spirit continuously assess progression of skills and knowledge and teach children to learn to self-assess their music ability. They are encouraged to improve through reflection and evaluation of their work. Children will be aware of the culture and history of music and understand how to further develop themselves as musicians if they wish to continue their interest in the subject. 

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