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At the Holy Spirit, we strive for our children to be successful and proficient Mathematicians, who can solve problems, recall facts fluently and rapidly and reason with confidence, providing intelligent justification for their answers. Our Mastery Maths curriculum aims to provide children with the essential life skills they need to be financially capable, while preparing them to contribute to and lead developments in the fast-changing world of tomorrow. It will allow them to create solutions to a range of problems in many fields of life and develop in them skills such as curiosity, resourcefulness, determination and drive to succeed.


Our pupils should be able to organise their knowledge, skills and understanding around the following learning concepts: Numbers; Addition and subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions; Properties of Shapes; Position, Direction and Movement; Measures; Statistics and Algebra.

The above key concepts, underpin learning in each key stage and enables pupils to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language. We use Power Maths to facilitate the delivery of our Maths curriculum and we ensure that Maths is taught in smaller, straight year groups, as opposed to mixed classes, to further enhance children's progression in the subject - across the school.


Through the explicit teaching of the Mathematics skills, both the teachers and the pupils assess learning continuously throughout the lesson. At the end of each Power Maths unit, and whenever possible in lessons, pupils draw on their skills and fluency, to ensure that knowledge is stored in their long-term memory, enabling them to become more efficient in their problem-solving skills, away from the time of teaching. Our assessment system - a combination of end of unit checks, ongoing teacher assessment and NFER tests, helps teachers to make informed judgements about the depth of children's learning, the progress they have made over time and to identify the next steps in their learning.

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