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At The Holy Spirit our Science curriculum follows the National Curriculum which is carefully planned to enable our children to enquire, explore, record and explain with a secure knowledge and varied skillset learnt throughout Science in a wide range of meaningful contexts. Children are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills when using equipment, conducting enquiries, explaining concepts confidently and building this skill to investigate and be curious about their surroundings and the world in which they live.

Our curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all learners the knowledge and skills they need to succeed as local, national and global citizens. Our curriculum has a focus on children ‘knowing more and remembering more’. Science at The Holy Spirit exposes our children to enriching, immersing and curiosity-centred learning that builds on their prior foundations of knowledge and skills of all aspects of the science curriculum – truly meeting the needs of our children. Using STEM science enquiry-based activities, children receive an exciting and balanced curriculum to investigate, build on and apply. We will provide:

  • Opportunity to record ideas and test predictions
  • The chance to challenge concepts and ideas, and collate evidence to test hypotheses and prove points
  • Fun and stimulating science lessons that are enquiry-based
  • Active, hands-on experiences which encourage independent learning
  • A variety of equipment to plan, predict, carry out experiments, collate results and use them to reach a conclusion.
  • The opportunity to learn through different media – quizzes, video clips, library service topic books and interactive enquiry websites.
  • An expectation to raise the level and use of scientific vocabulary on a weekly basis.



The Holy Spirit encourages high standards of teaching and learning in Science. We have planned and implemented a curriculum that is progressive throughout the school, designed around the statutory National Science Curriculum and the areas that are purposeful to the children to give a full and meaningful coverage.

Each learning cycle is carefully planned to ensure the relevant key features of scientific enquiry have been taught; observing over time, pattern-seeking, identifying, classifying and grouping, comparative and fair tests and researching using secondary sources. Careful and consistent modelling of key scientific vocabulary has been used throughout.

Our Science lessons incorporate modelling and retrieval practice and over time we revisit teaching and skills in order to consolidate scientific knowledge and ability. Other aspects implemented within our curriculum are the use of pre-teaching, post-teaching groups, the use of practical equipment and supportive vocabulary banks to ensure that all children can access the full Science curriculum.

Science education at The Holy Spirit will be fun, engaging, high quality enquiry based  guided by our principle of children; learning more and remembering more. It provides our children with solid foundations for understanding the world around them.

On-going assessment, use of quizzes and termly TAPs assessments are used by all staff to gather data, identify and act on misconceptions and address any gaps in learning immediately.

Pupil voice and lesson observations are completed termly to assess achievement and evidence to build a stronger Science knowledge and skills curriculum.


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