Mr Foster's Mental Health and Wellbeing and Y1/2 & Y4 Maths Groups

Remote Learning 2022

Hello Everyone,

If you're having to stay at home but are well enough to continue your learning while you are away, here are some activities for you to complete. Search the list of files below and select the appropriate Health and Wellbeing or Maths activities. Also, if you are in one of my groups for Maths, check your assigned tasks on MyMaths to see if you have been set work on there.

Stay safe, healthy and we hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster


Monday 8th February

Happy Monday Everyone!

The timetable for this week is available to download below. 

This week includes Power Maths and then on Thursday and Friday, a special Maths Challenge! More to follow on that...

Have a great week and remember that I'm here for any support you need.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster

Friday 22nd January

The end of another dedicated week of work and engagement everyone, you've been amazing!

Your focus and attention has been brilliant and I've enjoyed seeing all of your posts and additions to your portfolios. I hope your comments and support has helped and remember that even though we can't see you all the time, we are here to help.

Next week in Y1 and Y4 Maths I would like you to try a mix of Power Maths and some fun internet Maths games! 

Look at my weekly timetable to find out which ones and on what days.

For now though, have a rest and enjoy a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster : )

Thursday 21st January
Well done on a great day's work everyone...

Year 1 Maths:
Today was MyMaths work for you and thank you to those of you who took part. For those that are still struggling to take part with this area of learning, let me know if we can help in any way. Tomorrow is Power Maths, so I look forward to seeing your photos.

Year 4 Maths:
You're doing very well with some complicated questions this week. Watch out for those questions that look like this...
______ is 950 more than 2,455.
Work out the correct operation (Is it an add or subtract question?) and then look for clues which may help you find some correct digits before you even start the solution, e.g. Look at the 5 and 0 at the ends, will this mean that the answer will end in a 5 or a 0?

Reading Groups:
Thank you for your work this week, look out for your next reading tasks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have a lovely evening everyone,
Best wishes
Mr Foster

PS: Are you making a poster message for the celebration assembly tomorrow afternoon? : )

Wednesday 20th January

Thanks for your work today. I'm particularly pleased with my Year 1s in school such as Ruby and Jamie. I know it can be tough keeping up with the work set and it's not easy when there are many of you in the same house so thank you for the effort you all put in and the work you send. It helps you to progress and helps us to know what you need to learn next.

Year 1s My Maths

Having a range of activities  is important sometimes to help you stay focused and engaged in your work each day. When My Maths or other digital lessons are allocated to you, do your best, ask for help from people at home if you need it but know that we are here if you need support. I can see who has attempted and completed the tasks so I look forward to seeing your work from this week. : )

Year 4s Maths

Well done with your work today Y4s. I was particularly pleased with those of you who may have found a question or two difficult but had the perserverance and determination to try again until you got it right. Craig and Charlotte have shown that today so well done to you both and everyone who has joined in today in any way.

Have an enjoyable evening everyone and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster

Tuesday 19th January

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading the BFG yesterday, thanks for your lovely comments : )

As for your work I've received today, I've been really pleased as I'm now recieving from people who have struggled to send their work in before. Remember, we are here to help you get connected with your lessons and support you with your learning as much as we can, so don't be afraid to ask,

My Maths work

When work is set on My Maths it is sometimes wise to have some paper with you to do some working out. This way, you're far more likely to get a high score. If you don't get above 70% at the end, you're expected to try again and do your working out more carefully. Making sure that you understand each part of Maths is our job but it's also yours! So, be proud of your score and use what you've learned as we continue through this year.

Question types

As you work your way through maths lessons, you will spot lots of different types of questions. Sometimes written as equations (34-7=?) or even a word problem (There are 34 people on a bus but then 7 people get off...) but you will also have more complicated questions with more words or diagrams. It doesn't mean the answer is hard to find but it will mean that you can't get the answer until you understand the question. READ THE QUESTION AGAIN to make sure you know what is being asked. Once again, if you get stuck ask people at home for help or get in touch.

That's it for now everyone. Be proud of your day every day and keep up with your learning.

Speak again tomorrow,

Best wishes,

Mr Foster

One more thing...

You will also find below the timetable, the Power Maths Answer pages and the reading group tasks for next week. 

For now, enjoy a restful weekend. : )

Friday 15th January

It was great to see lots of work in today's assembly celebration video. I hope you've managed to look at the photos and pieces of work on there.

Everyone in my groups should be proud of their maths work for me this week. You've done an amazing job and have shown that you are getting to grips with this new way of learning. Keep up the good work and the patient attitude towards all of the technology used.

Next Week...
Have a read of my maths and reading timetable for next week so you know if you're on My Maths or Power Maths each day. I think a mixture of these lessons may help you as we go into another week.

Have a great weekend everyone, you deserve it!
Best wishes,
Mr Foster

Thursday 14th January

Today has been a great day for showing us your school work. I've recieved so many pieces of power maths and some clever problem stories and calculations. Both Y1 and Y4 maths has been brilliant but if you haven't sent any work in via a photo or video on class dojo, it's not too late! Finish your week on a high and complete a task set.

Did you watch the story time today and Mrs Green reading the next part of the BFG? It was brilliant and great to see so many of you watching.

Also, join the assembly tomorrow morning and you may see some of the work you've submitted!.

Have a lovely evening and we'll catch up again tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster

Wednesday 13th January

Hi everyone,

I know it can be hard to keep up with the work set for you, so very well done on the great work sent so far. 

For those of you who haven't sent in any maths work this week, please do your best to join in. Knowing that you're building on the hard work you did before Christmas would be great and will make it so much easier for you when we do return to school.

Year 1 Maths

Well done today, particularly Jamie and Briar who shared some great work on their portfolio. You'll notice that many questions this week will ask you to 'check your answer'. When it does this, you are being asked to do both an add problem and a take away problem using the same 3 numbers. For example, 3+4=7 and 7-4=3. 

Remember to put the biggest number first in your take away sentences and the biggest number at the end for your subtraction (take away) sentences.

Year 4 Maths

You continue to impress me Year 4s. Your understanding was very good today and I had lots of good work sent in.

The part that may have confused people was the reflect question which asked for a story problem.

When you are asked for one of these, make up a story which uses the numbers and operation. For example, 'Overall 5,455 people voted. 2,123 people voted for A, how many people voted for B?' 5,455 - 2,123 = ________

Y3 and Y5 Reading Groups

If you are part of these groups, let me know how you did. Thank you to those who have sent in their work already.

That's all for today, have a lovely evening and we'll see you tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster

Tuesday 12th January

Hi everyone,
There's been some great work sent in today, well done to those who have sent things in. You should be proud of yourselves.

Year 1 Maths: Subtraction
Your number skills are definitely improving and people did very well using the spots and pictures to solve the problems. 
You are often being asked to check your answer by doing an add sum with the same numbers, for example...
7-4=3 and 3+4=7. Remember how to do this as it will continue to show up in Y1 and beyond.
Particularly well done to Louie and Oliver who showed great focus and skills today.

Year 4 Maths: 4 digit addition (3)
I've been so impressed with the work completed by Year 4s today. Your knowledge of exchanging has been much stronger and you are spotting the mistakes in questions/answers when asked.
Make sure that tomorrow you remember that we are doing SUBTRACTION WITH 4 DIGIT NUMBERS! It means that your method will be slightly different so don't get yourselves confused.
'If the top number is bigger, borrow one from next door...'
Remember to do the text book pages first as this will help your understanding and remembering the method.

Have a lovely evening everyone and remember to upload your work to us at school. We miss your smiley faces and want to reward you with dojos!

Best wishes,
Mr Foster

Monday 11th January

Hi everyone,

Well done to all of you who have engaged with the work have been set and thank you for sending me photos of your efforts. Even if it is one page, please post it on class dojo so I can see how you're getting on.

Year 4 Maths 

There some tricky parts to the 4 digit addition so well done for trying. When 2 numbers in your column add up to 10 or more, that's where the exchange happens. The missing number problems were the parts that may have caught you out, that's fine, so don't panic. If we got everything right all of the time, we wouldn't learn anything! Check your answer pages and mark your work before you try tomorrow's tasks, this may help things become clearer.

Year 1 Maths

Well done with your subtraction today! Did you notice the part/part/whole models in some of the questions? Remember, the largest number is the whole and both of the parts should add up to the whole. For example, if you have 8 fish altogether and two of them are blue, how many fish are red? 2 +___ = 8

The answer is 6. 2 + 6 = 8

Look out for these types of problems this week and practice taking away at home with every day objects like pieces of fruit, start with 8, eat 5, how many will you have left?

Mr Foster's Reading Groups!

The people in my reading groups have received a message on class dojo from me today just reminding you to complete the tasks on powerpoint. Find them either below on this website page or on class dojo.

That's all for today, I look forward to hearing from you all tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster

Week Beginning Monday 11th January

Apologies for all of the messages parents, Fridays could become a bit like this as we try to give you a timetable and resources for the next week. It is to keep you informed and provide as much support as we can. All lessons are allocated and posted either on your bug club/active learn account (Power Maths) or on class dojo or the school website remote learning page.

Year 1 Maths and Year 4 Maths

Below you will find Mr Foster's weekly timetable which includes your tasks for the week.

You can access these Power Maths tasks via your bug club/active learn account.

When you have finished each piece of work, you may check your answers by using the answer pages which are also on this page. Click the link and you will be able to open them. No cheating though! Only after you have completed the work.wink

Year 3 and Year 5 Reading Groups

Your two lessons are also here. Click the link for the correct day and then read and complete the tasks.

Don't forget to take a photo and send me your work to look at and make sure you engage with the lessons that day. We are keeping a register of who does!

Anyway, that's all for now. Have a great, restful weekend and I will look out for you all on Monday.

Best wishes,

Mr Foster


Friday 8th January: Part 2

Year 4 Maths Feedback for today

I'm so happy with so many of you for working hard and showing some good understanding of 4 digit additions.

Your methods and presentation has been good and with very few crossover or exchange questions, you seemed confident with what you did. 

For next time, make sure you read the question twice as it will help you to understand what operation (+ - / x) to use. When it asks 'what is _____ more than ______?', know that it is an add question and it wants to know how much they are altogether.

Year 1 Feedback for today

Those of you who have completed your tasks today, you've done a great job. Even doing some of your assigned work will keep your learning growing and make it much easier for you when you return to the school building. Something to look out for next time are the words that we use in maths that mean different things. Remember that 'minus' means to take away and altogether will be an add question. Knowing what these words mean makes it easier to solve the questions and find the answers.

Mr Foster's Stars of the week! yeswink

Each week, I will be awarding the title of star of the week to some people who have gone above and beyond in terms of their learning and show an excellent positive attitude towards remote learning.

Although it has been a very difficult decision, this week's winners are:

Lexie O'Toole

Harry Samuel

Reagan O'Toole

George Speed

Please could I ask those parents to reward those children with something for their fantastic work and efforts this week. They very much deserve it. Well done to you all.

Friday 8th January

Hi Everyone,

Year 4 Maths

Your answers for your Power Maths Practice Book work for yesterdaya nd today have been posted below. Please mark your work and see how you got on.

Thank you for the work that you have sent me so far. Most of you have good number formation and clear columns when writing your methods. When you have a problem, e.g. 3,585 - ________ = 2,585 Remember to find which place value digit has changed. Is it the thousand digit? Hundreds, tens or ones? Knowing this first and which operation (+ - / x) is really important so you can find the correct answer.

Today you will be adding two 4 digit numbers. Make sure your writing is clear and when you send a photo, please make sure it is facing the page and close and clear enough to read your work. Thanks.

Year 1 Maths

Well done to those of you who have completed your My Maths work so far this week. We really needed to boost our knowledge on 2D and 3D shapes so please continue to work well and complete todays challenge as well.

Next week you will be working more from your Power Maths books and pages will be allocated to you via your bug club/active learn account. Click on Power Maths and your work will be there to read and complete. The pages you need to do in your practice book will be shown on the teaching pages (often in the bottom right corner).

Year 3 and 5 Reading Groups

Your group tasks will be available next week so look out for them.

Year 6 Groups

Don't worry Year 6s, I've not forgotten about you but for now stick with the work set by Mrs Green and engage with the lessons every day.

Thanks everyone, keep up the good work and even though it's different and tough at times we are here to help. We can do this!




Week 1 - 4/1/2021

Dear Children and Parents,

Welcome! This is where you will find your work to do for my classes.

My classes are:

  • Year 1 Maths
  • Year 4 Maths
  • Year 3 Reading Group
  • Year 5 Reading Group

Click on the powerpoint link for your class on the date you need to access the lesson.

Follow the instructions in the lesson and answer the questions. Take your time and use the methods that have been taught to find the correct answers. If you get stuck at any point you can always go back to try again. If you have any questions about your work, message me on class dojo and I will do what I can to help.smileyyes

Send photos of your work, send messages to let me know how you're doing and keep in touch so I can give you dojos for your great efforts over the next few weeks.

Good Luck everyone yes

Year 1 Maths

Year 1s! (And Briar!smiley) Please find your maths work on MyMaths where a new maths lesson will appear every day this week. Complete the lesson and do your best to get a good score. yes

Year 4 Maths

Year 4s! Please click the link below for your maths lesson. Complete the lesson and do your best to get a good score. yes (There is a MyMaths task on timestables for you to complete as we're missing out on our daily 10 and tests.)

Year 3 and Year 5 Reading Groups

Your lessons to complete will appear here soon.

Files to Download